What will you leave behind?

There are three distinct times that every person can look to: the time before your birth, the time you spend on Earth (or revolving it for a select few of us), and the time after your death.

There is nothing any of us can do about the times before we were born except to look back and try to learn. And for most of us, the majority of our impact on the world is spent in the relatively short time we spend alive. But it is what you will be leaving behind, your LEGACY, your impact on this world that we are discussing.


Sometimes you need help with life insurance. Other times the focus may be on health insurance or Medicare.

For many of us, that legacy is focused around our children and their future. Others may view their legacy as their business or their philanthropic efforts. Some feel it is a combination of all their efforts, the culmination of their life's work that they would like to be preserved. The question is, how...?

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