Today the value proposition of medical benefits is upside down.  We get less Benefits for More Money.

PHMP reverses the drainage of this value proposition by reducing benefit cost IMMEDIATELY , improving the benefit offerings immediately, and improving the health of the covered workforce.

All at no cost to employers or employees!

The PHMP benefit value proposition reversal results in
Better Benefits for Less Money…

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The average annual premium for major medical coverage is $6,251 and average
annual premium for family coverage is $17,545 according to a 2015 Kaiser Family Survey

Since 2010, the share of workers with deductibles and the size of those deductibles have
increased by 67%. This is 7 times the rise in wages (10%) and general inflation (9%)

For 2015, the average single employee premium contribution was $1,145 for PPO coverage
and $5,216 for Family PPO coverage

The average premium increase for covered workers with family coverage between 2010 and
2015 was 27%

46% of covered workers have annual deductibles of $1,000 or more

From 2015 to this year, the median in‐network deductible increased by 50% from $1,000 to $1,500